Residential Methods of Termite Extermination
We use Termidor® Soil treatment to target termites and exterminate entire colonies. The Termidor® process is a chemical that uses termite’s social behavior to eradicate the entire colony. Termites that venture out of the nest and become exposed to soil get treated with Termidor®. The Fipronil in Termidor® gets acquired by some of the termites and taken back to the nest. Upon return, the termites start spreading the Termidor® to all of the other insects within the colony. As a result, it spreads throughout the termite nest over the course of three days’ time. Because the agent is so slow acting, it gives them the opportunity to spread it to one another, spreading it through the whole colony. After 2-3 days, the chemical agent’s effects have set in, and the termites begin to die off one by one, eventually killing the entire colony and eliminating the queen.

Though we are happy to come to your home and get rid of termites, we don’t limit ourselves. We have the know-how and experience to ensure the successful removal of termites from any space. If you are a business or property owner that has termites in a commercial space, feel free to read more about our commercial services here!