Winter is the Season of Rat Infestations
Winter is the Season of Rat Infestations

Winter is the season where rat infestations are most commonly seen inside a person’s home. Rats, mice, and other critters find their way inside, searching for warm places to hide during the cold months. At Absolute Pest, we are your qualified Chester pest exterminator. We identify and get rid of pesky rodents or insects that find their way into your home so that you can be at ease, knowing your home and family are safe from the problem. 


How to know if you a rat infestation.

Most of the signs that you may have a rat problem can be identified easily. You will typically hear scurrying sounds at night, either in your walls or in the halls. You will also start to see tears or bite marks in food packages. Piles of rat droppings are another excellent tell-tale sign of a rat problem. 


Endless Danger

If you have determined that you may have a rat infestation in your home, you will need to get the problem situated as soon as you can. Rodents, such as rats, are known to carry 35 known diseases such as Tularemia, Salmonella, and Lymphocytic. These diseases can be quickly spread through the rat’s fur, waste, and saliva.


Property Damage

In addition to the above dangers, rats are also known to cause physical damage to your home. Rats typically chew their ways through weak flooring and structures of your home to get inside. They can also chew through things like furniture, wires, cables, or anything to get their teeth on. If one of these rodents begins to chew through wiring, you may have short circuits in your home or even a fire.


Chester Pest Exterminator: Your Rate Solution

After noticing that there are rats in your home, one of the best options that you can take is to call our team at Absolute Pest. We will send a local Chester pest exterminator to your home to scout it for the source of the problem. By getting to the source, we can quickly get rid of the problem so that your family can rest easy at night. 


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