Why Kitchen Pests Are Dangerous

Think that extra crunch in your rice means it’s undercooked? Think again. If you’ve ever opened your pantry and had a storm of fruit flies come flying out, or opened a bag of dog food and seen beetles crawling in the bottom of it, you’ve dealt with kitchen pests. NH pest control services are there to help you get rid of your pests. But if you think kitchen pests are harmless or “extra protein” to eat, think again. Why are they harmful?


  1. Pests cross contaminate. The flies buzzing around your fresh fruit were brought there by an infected piece of fruit. Some insects fly in through open doors and windows. Rodents can fit into tiny cracks. Carpet beetles and other starch-loving insects can go from eating Grandma’s velvet couch to your cereal and rice because they are strong flyers. An infestation can go from manageable by the homeowner to manageable only by NH pest control services in a matter of days.
  2. Pests cause disease. Grain mites are nearly microscopic, but they carry tapeworms. Rodents spread salmonella and bacterial meningitis. Cheese and ham skippers live on salted meat and overripe cheese. If swallowed, they cause enteric myasis, which is when the larvae eat the large intestine. The mites and skippers may be easily taken care of; but rodents are usually a problem best countered by NH pest control services.
  3. Pests cause allergies. Cockroach allergy can be as simple as dermatitis (swollen, irritated and extremely itchy skin that may or may not have open sores) to full blown asthma attacks bad enough to hospitalize children and older adults. Grain mites cause “grocer’s itch”, a severe form of dermatitis.

If you think pests are simply a problem that you can deal with on your own, think again. To safely and effectively get rid of your pest problem, contact NH pest control services to help you reclaim your home.