Why do mosquitoes just seem to find you?

Pest control in New HampshireAs your pest control specialist will tell you, mosquitoes just seem to zone in on certain people while ignoring others. With the onset of the summer season, there may be some facts you need to be aware of so that you might be able to limit your exposure to mosquitoes and their irritating bites.

  • It does seem as if science has proven out the long held theory that mosquitoes are actually attracted to some people more than they are to other people. Much of the data done on such a study as this is not widely known but there are certain traits that seem to attract most species of mosquitoes.
  • The American Mosquito Association has discovered that there are more than 300 certain compounds from certain odors that attract most mosquitoes and other insects that bite. As pest control techs know, mosquitoes are highly attracted to carbon monoxide. Since every human exhales it, it seems an almost impossible task to keep those mosquitoes away.
  • It seems that mosquitoes are highly sensitive to heat, sweat and movement as well. They will come in droves if you and your family and friends have just been involved in a strenuous game of volleyball or kickball. The heat generated, your extra exhalations and your quick movements will be like sticking a huge mosquito target on everyone.
  • Recent studies have also found that mosquitoes are attracted to beer as well as specific blood types and foot odor. The rise in body temperature attracts them to people drinking beer and Type O blood seems to draw them at a much larger rate than any other blood type. The foot odor, it seems, comes from smelly feet taking on a similar odor as Limburger cheese to which mosquitoes have a tremendous fondness.
  • Pest control experts as well as government researchers continue their quest to understand mosquitoes. The more they can determine about their behavior, the more reliable defenses and strategies can be put into place to repel them.