Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

If you’re ever left just bought from the store fruit on the counter when you’ve gone out of town, you may have noticed that when you came back, the fruit was crawling with flies. Where did they come from? Fruit flies seem to appear like magic, but are relatively easy to control without the aid of pest control in NH unless you’ve got a thriving community of them.
When fruit is past ripe, it begins to ferment, which produces alcohol and yeast and attracts fruit flies. Fruit flies can live on nearly anything, from the slime inside a sink drain to a sour mop. Fruit flies can also produce a chemical that converts alcohol into food and are capable of living on alcohol fumes.
For thousands of years, people were completely ignorant of the fly’s lifestyle, from egg to larvae to full-grown adult, and thought that fruit flies miraculously appeared from inside the fruit. When an Italian doctor disproved that theory by simply covering up his samples, the theory was disproved. But how do the get into your house if you have the doors and windows shut? Turns out that fruit flies can fly in through cracks in the door and even through the insect screens you’ve put up. What about the fruit you’ve brought home from the supermarket? Chances are that the fruit may be past ripe, or the flies could have followed you home.
The easiest thing you can do with fruit fly pest prevention is to keep your fruits covered or in the fridge (not a good idea for apples however). Pest control in NH usually is ineffective against several fruit flies, but if you have an entire colony of them in your kitchen, it may be a good idea to give them a call.