What can you expect from a pest control company?
What can you expect from a pest control company?

Pest control in NHMost pests you may find around your home or business can be handled relatively easily by yourself or company staff but what about those times when you need a professional pest control company? A bed bug or termite infestation is certainly no job for amateurs. When you need professional help, how will you know what to expect from your pest control company?

  • One thing to expect from your pest control specialists is them letting you know what preparation you may need to do prior to their arrival at your home or business. These things may include relocating pets or cleaning certain areas or surfaces or covering food stored in cabinet areas. One other thing you should expect is that they arrive on a previously agreed upon time. Not showing up on time, or calling you with a reasonable explanation, shows a lack of professionalism as well as a lack of respect for you or your time.
  • The pest control specialists should have a neat and professional appearance and their equipment should be well maintained and spotless. The pest control technicians should also be able to produce some manner of company identification if only a business card.
  • Your service should also include a thorough investigation with regard to what you believe may be the problem. A search and report of what they found should be presented to you along with strategies for eliminating the problem and potential costs for the service.
  • After the pest control treatment has been performed, the company or the technicians should, again, be in contact with you explaining all that has been done along with any future recommendations. There are certain circumstances, such as with bed bugs, where more than one visit will be needed in order to completely remedy the situation. A formal written report should also accompany the verbal report. Communication should always be the key when looking for a pest control company as well as their professional demeanor and experience.