What Can I Do To Prevent Pests?

Here in New England, the winter is beginning to settle in. Just as we want to be inside on these colder nights, so does every other pest and rodent living outside. Pest control calls in MA and NH are on the rise. Pests are searching for ways to get inside your home at this very moment. Squirrels, mice, bats, moles and other pests are all looking for warmer environments to live in during the winter. How can you prevent them from getting into your home? Practice the following tips and you will keep your home virtually pest free for the entire winter:

  • Make sure the flaps on a dryer vent move freely. If they stick open, rodents will enter and chew their way through the dryer vent hose.
  • Make sure there are no gaps in doors at ground level, including sliders, shed doors, or bulkheads.
  • Look for holes or loose sections of roofing, siding or gaps in the foundation.
  • Make sure chimney caps are sturdy and properly in place.
  • Inspect the furnace exhaust and air intakes to make sure that there is a screen in place so that birds and other pests do not get into them. If an animal makes this a home or a bird builds a nest, this can cause your home to back up with carbon monoxide gases, which are poisonous.

Keeping these areas sealed will greatly reduce the amount of pests you find in your home this winter. If you have any further pest problems, contact us and we can get a technician sent immediately to your home or place of business.