What Are The Pros And Cons Of Pest Management?

You may have pests in your home, enjoying your food while making you lose your appetite. Imagine waking up one morning to see the contents of your cereal open and scattered all over the place. Rat pest control may be your best idea. Or you sit down on the couch and a roach scuttles across the floor. But sometimes people may wonder about the pros and cons of pest management. After all, getting rid of pests may not seem important, right?


The pros of pest management are that pests carry diseases. Rodents, for example, destroy up to twenty percent of the world’s grain population each year, several billion tons. Rodent nests can also be a fire hazard. Cockroaches, in addition to being one of the filthiest insects, carry allergens. Roach allergy is the third most common cause of asthma in young children. And were it not for pest control in NH and all over the globe, the clean food, water and clothing that we take for granted would not exist. 


There are cons to pest management. While it may seem like a good idea to destroy all of the pests as soon as soon as you see them, some people need to realize that one pest does not equal an infestation. Therefore, if there is only one pest to be seen, it may not make any sense to spray. In addition, pest spraying is extremely expensive. Some pests are resistant to common insecticides and require several sprayings and constant monitoring of the area to keep them at bay. Some companies use toxic chemicals to kill pests that are harmful to both living things and the environment. Pest spraying is also an inconvenience, with many hours of lost productivity resulting from having to relocate to a different floor or building while the area is sprayed.


Pest control is extremely important, but only when there is an actual problem. Maintenance can usually be accomplished to prevent a problem in the first place. But once the threat is there, it is a good idea to call southern NH pest control.