Preparing for a cockroach control visit
Preparing for a cockroach control visit

Pest control in New HampshireAs your pest control specialist well knows, cockroaches can be one of the most persistent and dangerous pests you can be plagued with. Most pest control professionals today are using a type of gel bait insecticide to control and remove cockroaches. There are certain preparation strategies you must put into place before any work is done by your pest control professionals. If these are not properly attended to, it could make the pest control treatment unreliable and it could cause a re-infestation.

  • Clean your home or apartment as thoroughly as possible before the planned treatment day. You must remove any possible sources of food or sustenance for the cockroaches. If your place sparkles, it is that much more likely that the roaches will head straight for the bait.
  • Clear off your countertops, especially those flour and sugar containers and the traditional cookie jar as well as all appliances. If you have any open food anywhere, be sure to properly cover it and store it in plastic containers with lids.
  • Scrub all of your tile and woods floors with a strong detergent and thoroughly clean and vacuum all of your carpeting. When vacuuming, make sure to vacuum up any dead roaches that are around and eggs if you can see any. If you have little ones, remove their toys and cover and store them safely away from the coming action.
  • Never leave your garbage hanging around. Get rid of it immediately or, at least, at night before you retire. Clean up any lingering piles of trash or just piles of stuff in general. Don’t give them anywhere to hide. Remove yourself once your pest control specialists have arrived. Let them do their job and you keep you and your loved ones away at a safe distance. Afterwards, take your sanitation standards up a notch and keep your place as sanitized and as clean as possible. Don’t give the roaches and opportunity to return.