Pest Control: Six Attractions In Your Home
Pest Control: Six Attractions In Your Home

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, pests will make their way into your home or business. Pest control doesn’t need to be complicated. With over 30 years of experience, Absolute Pest Management can help you safely and efficiently solve your pest problems.


We all know about this one. Pests love to eat your food too! Don’t leave leftovers on the countertop or in the sink. To prevent pests from wanting to enjoy your dinner too, seal food in airtight containers to limit smells that attract them. Keeping a clean kitchen and dining area prevents flies and ants.


Damp areas around your residence can attract pests! Termites love to bore into water-soaked wood. Also, rodents love leaky pipes or faucets as a reliable source of water near their nest. Keeping up-to-date on repairs helps prevent water damage and pests in your home.

control pestSpills

Accidently drop some ice cubes only to kick them under the fridge? It might be time to stop that habit. Spilled water or sweet beverages attracts ants! Once a single ant finds a source, it leaves a chemical trail for more ants to make their way into your home. Clean up food or drink spills in your home immediately to prevent pests from finding them and coming back for more.

Garbage Areas

Stinky garbage attracts flies. Flies are annoying. If a fly lays eggs in your trash, it only takes 24 hours for larvae to hatch and start feeding. Taking out your garbage frequently decreases the chances of pests making a home! For very stinky items, seal them in an airtight container or bag and lower your risk of pests finding your kitchen!

pest exterminationClutter

Piles of paper and clutter can attract unwanted pests in your home. Silverfish love paper piles that don’t get moved very often. Think about keeping your old documents and collectibles in airtight containers to prevent an infestation. Pests love “stuff” that isn’t touched often to make a home. Keeping areas clean and tidy will limit the spots for pests to hide.

Gaps or Cracks

Insects can make their way into your home through small gaps or cracks in your home. Sealing window cracks and door frames will limit the chances of pests getting inside. If you like fresh air, make sure open windows and doors have screens, and they fit snugly.

Need help with pests? Get it from Absolute Pest Management.

Absolute Pest Management is a QualityPro Company. This means we maintain standards of excellence for professional pest management through education, training, and certification. If you’re looking for pest control or extermination services, you’ve come to the right place. For more information, visit our website or call (877) 600-2263 and ask about a free inspection of your NH home or business!