Five Things That Mice Can Do To Homes
Five Things That Mice Can Do To Homes

When you think of pest control in New Hampshire, you probably conjure up an image of ticks, ants, or bed bugs. Understandably so: these are easily the most popular critters associated with pest removal. However, mice are still plentiful and make an impact in homes across New England. They may look fuzzy and cute, but they can wreak havoc in your home when left to their devices. Significant effects are imminent.



1.) Diminish food supply

Mice love to eat, and they like to hide in your cabinets. That’s a recipe for disaster if we’ve ever heard one. Sooner or later, if you let mice stay in your home, you’ll find holes in food boxes and other things you have lying around your kitchen.


2.) Damage woodwork

As you probably know, mice love to chew and explore. Combine that with open wood surfaces, and you may have to deal with some extra holes in your woodwork. It’s not cheap to fix the foundation of your home, and the damage can certainly add up quickly.


3.) Transfer diseases

Direct or indirect contact with mice can cause the transfer of diseases. Fevers, salmonellosis, Sylvatic Typhus, and more are all possibilities whether you come face to face with mice or not. Since they hide smoothly and can move fast, these diseases can transfer to your pets an easy feat. Stay aware and take control before sickness arrives.


4.) Leave unpleasant things behind

Mice are prone to leaving things like urine, feces, and other things behind. Worse still, they can leave behind blood or saliva that transfers diseases. Your house will feel less clean, and you’ll want to solve the problem through pest control in New Hampshire before it’s too late.


5.) Damage electronics

If you need a wire to make a device work, it could get compromised by mice in an instant. They’ll be eager to chew any exposed wires. While they may harm themselves in the process, it doesn’t fix the issue of having to replace faulty cables or entire units once they’ve had a bite.



Mice look cute, and rats have become domesticated, but rodents still cause plenty of issues in the home. If you notice an infestation, call Absolute Pest Management for quality pest control in New Hampshire. We’ll fix the problem at an affordable rate. Give us a call at (877)-600-2263 and see what we can do for you today!