Pest Control in MA

Welcome to New England folks, oh, and don’t mind the bugs. That’s how it feels when summer and spring roll around and the great state of Massachusetts. Sure, in the cities you might be low on certain bugs like stink bugs, but all over the state you can’t escape the flies, mosquitos, spiders and rodents that come out of hiding to make the best seasons a little less fun. Finding pest control companies can save you and your home from the mass invasion of bugs Massachusetts seems to get in these months, and, pest control can help to keep your home safe for years to come.

The Lineup

There isn’t just one type of pest. You might see more flies in your home, but in mine, ants and spiders like to be the main event. The pest lineup can be anything from bed bugs to rats that bunk in the basement and in the warm MA summers, if you live by water, be prepared for mosquitos. Yellow jackets and their sweeter relation the honey bee can also cause problems along with caterpillars and moths.  If your home has any of these in them, you might think of them as just annoying intruders, but they can do much worse damage.

Finding Help

We’ve all seen those commercials where the giant bugs try to get into the persons’ home and the people then call the pest guys. The commercials are somewhat tacky, but it does raise awareness to the fact that bugs can be not just a nuisance, but a problem. Living in MA can be tricky. Many different types of bugs come each year and finding a pest company that can help with all of them might seem like an impossible task. There are good companies out there that work with all types of pests, but finding them is the key.

MA, Born and Raised

People who understand MA and the pests that live there can be more help than an outside company. Look for companies that have been in business for a while and who work with more than one type of pest. You don’t want to have a pest company that works only in ants trying to get rid of the mice in your attic. A jack of all trades is the best choice and having them be affordable? That’s a great plus.