Make Absolute Pest Your Go-To Pest Control in NH
Make Absolute Pest Your Go-To Pest Control in NH

Pest control in NHSure, summer is fading behind us, but that doesn’t mean that pests and rodents are any less determined to make their way into your home or business. Especially once temperatures begin to drop, they’ll be looking for any place that’s warm to survive the winter. It’s important that you stay aware of the kinds of pests that’ll seek to turn your home’s walls or basement into a winter vacation home. Our experts at Absolute pest Management have assembled a short list of rodents that you should keep an eye out for as temperatures drop and the seasons change.


Yes, as long as humans have inhabited structures and buildings, mice have followed. While some species are seen as adorable, they can cause no shortage of problems for home or business owners. Chief among the concerns of mic infestations are their droppings, which can contaminate food supplies or inventories, and can pose a health problem to humans in concentrated forms. It’s important that you catch these infestations as early as possible, as mice are capable of reproducing at an astronomical rate, as long as they have no predators and a warm place to bed.


Less of a problem as temperatures drop, but throughout fall, ants can still infiltrate and damage your home, especially carpenter ants. It’s possible to wait them out, but it’s always best to be proactive in New Hampshire pest control situations. Oftentimes, off the shelf sprays and traps simply aren’t enough to dislodge a deeply rooted colony. And when that time comes, it’s time to call the professionals at Absolute.


The much rued cousins of ants, termites can cause systemic and costly damage to a building or home. Left unchecked, this pest can decimate your home’s foundation, deck, and other vulnerable wooden structures around your home. Too many homeowners find these infestations after it’s too late. At the first site of these pests, it’s worth calling professional exterminators to limit the damage as much as possible.

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