How do I address Pest Control in My NH Office Building?

If you own a commercial building, one of the many problems you have to deal with year-round is pest control. Pest control in NH is on the rise, due to the lower temperatures the winter has brought in. Commercial buildings are much different than a residential home, as there are many more ways for rodents to get inside. Roofing is different, venting is different and there are more holes put in the sides of commercial buildings, the utilities, communications, etc, than homes. Also, doors are opened and closed more frequently and many commercial buildings have overhead doors and dock areas which are left open during the day. There are many ways to address pest control in NH, and here are a few:

·         First, make sure any food in the lunchroom area is properly stored at the end of the day. It must be put inside of cabinets and sealed in containers properly.

·         Make sure that employees do not leave food or snacks inside their desks.

·         Empty all trash barrels in the office area and cubicles daily.

·         Make sure all eating areas including tables and sink areas are wiped thoroughly to remove any food residue.

·         Make sure all common food areas such as the company coffee maker are cleaned daily and that there is no residual sugar left on the counters.

·         Make sure all dishes and flatware are washed and put away, instead of piling up in the sink.

Following these simple pointers can keep your commercial building free of pests. Pest control in NH  also helps ensure the health and safety of your employees. The last thing a productive company needs is an employee calling in sick due to something that they picked up at work! If you have noticed any evidence of a pest infestation in your commercial building, give Absolute Pest Management a call at 877-600-2263.