How Can I Get Rid of a Hornet Infestation?

Hornets are the largest type of wasps and some species can reach up to 2.2” in length. The best-known species is the European Hornet, about ¾” in length, widely living throughout Russia, Europe, and Asia. Having hornets in your home can be a big problem. Because they originated in warmer climates, attics are especially preferred areas for them to nest. Getting rid of them often requires a professional. For hornet control in NH, the technicians at Absolute Pest Management can find a solution for you quickly!

Most of these insects can be found in the continent of Asia and Europe and some were brought by eastern civilization to the northern part of America. The natural habitats conducive to hornets are the countries with warm climate and/or even tropical climate. That is the reason why hornets from non-tropical countries are smaller than those from the tropical countries because their growth is affected by habitat. There are only three kinds of hornets which are named based on their physical appearances and the continents where they are abundantly found, namely; bald-faced hornets, European hornets and Asian giant hornets. In every hive or every colony of these insects, there are also three types of hornets; there is always a queen, the drones and the workers.

The Queen – These are the most fertile female hornets, which usually measure as the largest hornets in a colony. The queen only lays eggs to produce more hornets.

The Workers – These are the hornets that look for food for their queen and their young ones. Some of them are infertile female hornets and some are males. Their main responsibility is to keep the queen alive by providing food and being the guard of the hive.

The Drones – All of the drones are males, which are born from any unfertilized eggs. And since the eggs, which they came from, are unfertilized, they are born without stingers. They too find foods for the young ones as well as the queen but they are in charge of the construction of their hive.

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