How Can I Get Pest Control in RI?

If you are in need of a pest control specialist in RI, contact Absolute Pest Management. They will rid your business or residence of any unwanted problems quickly and efficiently.

Absolute Pest Management has been in the pest control industry for 26 years, and has done a fine job keeping critters out of homes and businesses! During the summer months, one of the biggest pest problems we experience is ants. Ants are one of the hardest pests to combat, because they reproduce so rapidly. Ant control is challenging because of their adaptive nature and large numbers, ongoing pest management is recommended in areas with a high ant population. You can help control a population by using insecticide baits. These come in granule or liquid formulas. The bait is collected by workers, who believe it to be a clean food source and is brought back to the queen who distributes the bait. Baits may be laid by a professional but can also be carried out by a homeowner. If you choose to carry out any pest control yourself, it is best to identify which type of ant you are hosting, as some ants may have vicious bites. In these cases, consider professional assistance. If you can’t address the issue, the numbers are too great for you, or they are inside the walls of your home, call Absolute Pest Management. A trained technician will assess the problem, suggest a solution, and get right to work. APM has a wide range of pests that they can control and get rid of. They have many repeat customers due to their swift action and positive results. If you have pest control issues in Rhode Island, contact them today at 877-600-2263.