Hornets becoming a problem?

Hornets are the largest types of wasps. Some species can reach 2.2 inches in length. Most of these insects can be found on the continents of Asia and Europe, and many were brought to North America, where they have flourished. The best known species is the European hornet, about ¾” in length. These creatures are naturally drawn to warmer climates. Because their growth is affected by habitat, smaller hornets come from non-tropical countries. Having hornets in your home can be a big problem. Because they originated in warmer climates, attics are especially preferred areas for them to nest. Getting rid of them often requires a professional, and for pest control New Hampshire the technicians at Absolute Pest Management can solve the problem! Bald-faced hornets, European hornets and Asian giant hornets are named due to their looks, or their country of origin. There are also three types of hornets; there is always a Queen, the workers, and the drones. They each have a specific function:

The Queen – These are the most fertile female Hornets, which usually measures as the largest Hornet’s colony. The Queen’s sole job is to lay eggs, and produce more hornets.

The workers –These are the hornets that go and scavenge for food for their young and the Queen. Most of these are males, but some are infertile females. Their main job is to guide the hive and provide food for the Queen.

The drones – All the drones are male and are born from unfertilized eggs. Since the eggs which they came from are unfertilized, they were born without stingers. These are the constructors of the hive. They maintain it, and provide food for the young, as well as the Queen.

Hornets can be especially problematic during the late summer, as they are looking to find a home for the fall season. The specialists at Absolute Pest Management will eradicate the hornets from your home swiftly. Give us a call today if you need pest control in New Hampshire at 877-600-2263.

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