Do you own rental properties in Massachusetts?

If you own rental properties in Massachusetts, quite often, you could be forced with the headache of pest eradication. Nothing is worse than a tenant calling you to tell you, you have an infestation of rodents, ants, spiders, or any of the nuisance animal that is the cost you time and money to address. In MA, pest control can be handled by “Absolute Pest Management”.


The professionals at “Absolute Pest Management” have been in the business over 26 years, controlling all of these pests and many more. From ants to wasps, and anything in between, their technicians have successfully dealt with them. One called Absolute Pest Management and they will send a trained technician over to assess the situation and eradicate the problem. They realize that quite often in rental properties pests I not noticed until it is too late. But skilled technicians know where these pests hide and how to get them out so your tenants are again happy. If you tenants are happy, they’re not calling you! Some places that these and other pests like to hide are:

  • Closets
  • Storage cabinets in basements
  • Food pantrys
  • Behind stoves
  • Behind or under space heaters
  • Kitchen cabinets, especially under the sink.
  • In clothing that is often left in piles
  • Inside attics, burrowed into the insulation.
  • And often, inside furniture such as couches…

Nothing is worse than sitting on the couch, relaxing with your girl, and a most runs across the floor! Don’t think you can do it all yourself, just by adding a mousetrap here or there. Save yourself the embarrassment and leave it to the professionals! Call absolute pest management if you have any problems. They can be reached at 877-600-2263