Do you hear scurrying and need pest control in Rhode Island?


Ahhh, the ‘pitter-patter’ of little feet… It’s a great sound if you are a parent and your child is playing in the bedroom upstairs, but if you’re upstairs and you hear this sound in your attic, you know you have a problem!


Listening to pest scurrying around in your home at night can be a very unsettling feeling. And it is not easy to calm a child, or your wife, if they hear a snap and squeal when a mousetrap is set off. However, we can solve that problem with one call to Absolute Pest Management. They have over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry and are one of the best in the area.


Pest control in Rhode Island is as easy is a simple call to 877-600 -2263. With this one call, we will have a technician en route to your home or place of business to meet with you and set up a plan of action. Whether it’s mice, squirrels, bats or any other pests, we will eradicate your home of this problem leaving a safe, clean and healthy. We use minimal amounts of chemicals at the lowest toxicity rates to ensure your home is safe for pets and children. We also offer a preventive program is implemented in the spring, and again at the end of summer to keep your home pest free. To avoid illnesses and disease carried by these pests, it is important to protect the perimeter of your home or business. Filling cracks or holes in the foundations is a major step that needs to be undertaken. A mouse can get into all the size of a nickel, and that’s how the problem starts. Also, keeping your front and back yards free from food sources for these rodents is a big part. So if you’re having any pest problems, before you hear the scurrying the attic, call absolute pest management at 877-600-2263. We will gladly dispatch a technician out to your home business to begin treatment. If you need pest control in Rhode Island, or if you’ve got any pest questions, give us a call, and ask for free inspection. A technician will gladly inspect your property and point out any deficiencies or areas that need to be improved upon.