Do you have a pest problem in Massachusetts?

Whether it’s ants, hornets, mice, or bedbugs the professionals at Absolute Pest Management can solve your pest problems! Serving the residential, commercial and industrial property owner, Absolute Pest Management has been in business for over 25 years. Their skilled technicians will assess your pest problem, explain to you how it should be dealt with, and eradicate your pests. Pest control in Massachusetts is now attainable. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to control pests in your area, especially the workplace. First, empty out all trash barrels daily. Trash left overnight is one of the biggest contributors to pest problems. Next, make sure that your dumpster is far away from your building and main entrances. Lastly, make sure all food is put away in containers and stored in cabinets or the refrigerator. Just taking these simple steps can alleviate a lot of pest headaches. Also, bedbug infestation is now at a 12 year high. According to industry professionals, only 24% reported servicing bedbug calls in the year 2000 as opposed to 99% in 2011. With incredibly hot summer months preceded by a very wet spring, bedbugs are now breeding under optimal conditions. Be careful where you leave purses, bags, jackets or other personal belongings in your office. Do not lay them down on the floor. This is a perfect way for them to hitch a ride with you, and infest your home! Bedbugs are hard to see with the human eye and live off of human blood. They are attracted to warmth, and will make a hole in your bed if the problem is left untreated. They come out at night and feed on the human in the bed. They cause skin rashes and a number of other health issues. They are nocturnal, so you will not see them during daylight hours. The best way to look for them is in the early morning hours, just before daylight with a flashlight. If you find that you have bedbugs, call Absolute Pest Management, and set an appointment with them immediately. They can be reached at 1-877-600-2263.