Dealing with the rat population in Boston

Pest control in Massachusetts from APMOver the course of this past summer, the rat population in Boston has exploded. From Somerville to Southie, we have been inundated with a species known as the Norway rat. These rats are easy to distinguish, as they are a light brown to nearly black and are very heavyset. They are the most common rat here in the Northeast, and when it comes to pest control in Massachusetts, this rodent is at the top the list!

Absolute Pest Management, a family owned and operated company for over 23 years, has been addressing this issue for decades in Boston, but this summer it has really gotten out of hand. We have technicians working daily to change the tide in this ongoing problem. Pest control in Boston, Massachusetts is never an easy task. In any large city, it is always an uphill battle for control. How do we recognize this problem? One of the telltale signs are rat droppings in and around your home. They are normally a half to three quarters of an inch in length and capsule shaped. These rats can live for up to a year, and can give birth to 6 to 12 offspring up to seven times per year! That is 84 offspring for each rat! No wonder they are everywhere. Pests will not usually stray more than 150 feet from their food or water source, so they are quite often found near the waterfront in the city, or a drainage area. They will burrow their way into the ground, under trash, and even into buildings, where they become the biggest problem!

It does not take much for them to survive, as they eat approximately 1 ounce of food daily, and they consume approximately 1/2 ounce of water. They prefer grain-based food, and rarely experiment on anything new. These pests are very adaptive, and if they can’t burrow into your home, they can easily jump through an open window. Having the ability to jump up to 3 feet and climb piping and wires, they are very crafty when it comes to getting into your home. Pest control in Massachusetts is an important business, one that Absolute Pest Management takes very seriously! If you are experiencing a rat infestation or any other pest control issue in Massachusetts, contact us immediately! The sooner you address the situation the easier it is to alleviate the problem. We can be reached at 877-600-2263.