Controlling garden pests can be a challenge
Controlling garden pests can be a challenge

Pest control in New HampshireTrying to keep away every pest from your garden can be a never ending battle. It may not be possible but if you use and integrated pest management system, you may be able to keep a natural balance and reap the wonders of a bountiful garden.

  • Using this integrated system allows you to work in conjunction with your pest control specialist as well as organize your likely defense. The integrated system of pest control and management will allow you to quickly identify problems as well as to find workable solutions and to work on a long term plan for prevention.
  • You must assume that you will have some pest damage done to your garden. There is really no avoiding it. But with proper planning and an integrated approach to pest control methods and strategies, you can maintain a healthy garden without doing any damage to the surrounding environment or the surrounding plant and animal life.
  • Working with your pest control specialist, you can quickly determine, using this integrated approach, how to prevent certain problems as well as being able to identify if this is a one time blight or something you can expect consistently. Also, you will be able to estimate potential damage and devise strategies to minimize it.
  • Part of your plan needs to include the knowledge of the pests that are predominant in your region and to plant crop and flower varieties that are resistant to them. Interplant your vegetables to spread out any infestation and try to find a way to encourage beneficial insects to come to your garden.
  • Monitor your crops and plants daily and check for signs of possible infestation. You may let some infestation ride if it is not causing direct damage to your vegetables. There may come a time however, when you may have to bring in pesticides or other measures. Conferring with your pest control specialist allows you to choose the proper protective methods that will cause the least damage yet will prevent future infestations.