Control Your Pests With the Best Pest Control in NH
Control Your Pests With the Best Pest Control in NH

Pest control in New HampshireDealing with pests is a year-round problem, with all kinds of infestations happening frequently every so often to keep you on your toes. It is important to utilize the best products and services to eliminate pests, keeping in mind what is most effective.

The experts at Absolute Pest Management recommend the following services and products we offer for pest control in New Hampshire to get the job done and give you less of a pest headache.


Termites are nasty little insects, especially this time of year. Termidor is a quality termite defense product, applied expertly along the walls and foundation of your home. It is odorless, and works exceptionally well.

It is recommended that you keep in contact with your pest manager consistently when it comes to termites. Schedule follow-up inspections to ensure no new termite threats occur.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

It is never too early, late, or inappropriate for bed bugs to show up. These critters can show up just about anywhere, and they are completely persistent.

Getting rid of bed bugs by yourself is not possible. Consult with an expert, and seek a special heat treatment. If you need pest control in New Hampshire, Absolute Pest Management has you covered: we work with a specific heat treatment containing chemicals to eliminate these troublesome little guys.

Bee and Wasp Control

Now, this may seem like a service you can do by yourself. After all, products are sold at stores for this specific purpose. However, a big detail is left off of the labels of these products: if you use these solutions, you are legally responsible to administer them correctly.

A mistake can be hazardous, so be sure to consult a pest control professional to eliminate bees and wasps – it is not best to leave it to yourself.

Ant Nest Maintenance

Like bees and wasps, this seems like a problem easily solved through store-bought chemicals. Unfortunately, ants are far more complicated than they appear. They tend to build nests in wood panels, walls, and floors to scout for food.

Be sure to speak with a professional regarding ant removal. They will best know how to ensure ants stay away and are unable to build nests and other living areas in your home.

Environmentally Friendly Methods

As important as it is to rid yourself of pests, it is also imperative that you look at methods that will have a positive impact on the environment at large. Be sure to look into company practices and see if they offer more environmentally friendly alternatives or solutions.

The less impact a treatment has on the environment, the better. Your home will be much more healthy and any worries about treatment effects on those who enter or live in your home will be diminished with “green” methods. Absolute Pest Management is one of the best who offer pest control in New Hampshire that specialize in green products. Having 25 years of experience, Absolute Pest Management is able to expertly supply environmentally alternatives that are as safe and effective as they are eco-friendly.