Common Mice Attractors
Common Mice Attractors

Pest control in Lynn MAWhen pest control is brought up, insects are often thought of first or immediately associated. However, they are not the only creatures that can infiltrate your home. Mice love to hang out in homes and chew anything they can get their hands on.

Below, observe some common mice attractors and keep them in mind. For any time you need pest control in New Hampshire, contact Absolute Pest Management.

  • Food

Though they may have their personal preferences, mice will definitely make themselves at home in your cupboards. Any human food will be attractive to them.

If you suspect invasion, make sure there are traps or deterrents available to prevent any possible damage. Also, keep any area with food well-guarded and locked in your home so there can be no infiltration in the first place.

  • Wires

Mice love to chew, and will make their way into electrical appliances pretty easily. Wires are plentiful here, and that is a playground of pretty objects for mice.

They will definitely make their way into your televisions or other systems quickly and will chew their way through anything they can. This will result in so much damage, and is not a humane way for these pests to go. Keep an eye on wire-filled areas that could be open to mice. 

  • Holes

Not only are holes damaging to the looks of your home, but they also present plenty of threats. Mice also love holes, and, like insects, use them to travel.

Through these openings, they are able to make their way into your living space and cause havoc with food or wires. It is an easy way for them to have access to anything they want to within your home, so be sure to seal up any open surfaces that are big enough to host a mouse.

  • Foundation

Much like holes, mice are able to worm their way in through the home’s foundation. They like to sneak into the walls and have access to the home through inner walls and workings of the home.

Make sure foundation is solid and without any substantial cracks or entry points. Luckily, Absolute Pest Management offers excellent pest control in New Hampshire that can eliminate mice safely.

  • Gardens

Surprisingly, mice like to feed on insects and weeds as well. If you have a strong, well-fed garden, mice may be lurking and trying to feed on local weeds and insects.

With any garden upkeep, it is important to make sure any and all pests – insects included – are accounted for and unable to have access to crops.

  • Decent Climates

Like humans and many other beings, mice thrive in comfortable climates. Any area that is not too hot or too cold is just right for them and will allow them to thrive and reproduce.

This is why the colder months see a spike in mouse invasion in homes. Be mindful of climate changes and adjust accordingly as they occur.

Mice can invade homes rather easily, and are attracted to a multitude of items and situations. Keep the risks in mind, and be sure to contact Absolute Pest Management for any pest control in New Hampshire that requires keeping mice and insects at bay.