Carpenter Ants… Hey, Massachusetts, It’s their season!

It’s that time year, heading to the summer home to get ready for the season! Aside from the normal removal of the sheet plastic on the Windows, washing the appliances, and prepping for your seasonal ‘move in’, is there anything you forgotten?

Yes! Pest control! Since your home has been sealed up all winter, and it is still pretty wet outside, pests, such as carpenter ants, are already in the process of making your summer home theirs! Before you move yourself and your family in for the summer, the best thing to do would be to have the team of Absolute Pest Management inspect your home for current pests as well as evidence for pests in the past, so that we can prevent them in the future!

Carpenter ants can grow to be as long as an inch long, and thrive in moist, dark environments. They will burrow into dead trees and making that their home, or if the opportunity presents itself, they will burrow into your home and make your life a living nightmare. There are chemical sprays on the market you can purchase in the big box stores, but they only moderately effective and offer no long-term protection. With the knowledge base of the technicians Absolute Pest Management, we will teach you how to best seal your home after is properly treated so that this will not be a constantly reoccurring problem. The team of Absolute Pest Management wants to work with you, so that we can make your home pest free and a comfortable living space for you, your family and friends. If you have a cottage for a summer home, chances are your basement has a dirt or sand floor, if there is a basement. Most cottages are framed atop cinder blocks at best, providing excellent entrance and egress between the soil and the framing of your home. In this instance, carpenter ants will channel through the frame and up into your walls. This makes ridding your home of them much more difficult, unless you use a professional service. Our team of absolute pest management understands how these pests live and survive, so we also know how to remove them. If you are having a problem with carpenter ants or want to schedule an inspection for a preventive service program, call us immediately, 877-600-2263, and will gladly schedule appointment for one of our technicians to meet you so that we can remove carpenter ants from your Massachusetts vacation spot.

Carpenter Ants around Massachusetts help from Absolute Pest Management