Bugs that Frequently Invade Homes
Bugs that Frequently Invade Homes

Stepping outside and dealing with insects that inhabit the earth can be a bit of an annoyance. It is even worse when you have to take time to deal with these crawlers in your living space. Keep an eye out for these common home invaders, and always contact Absolute Pest Management for quality pest control in New Hampshire.



These are some of the most hazardous and insidious creatures your living space can encounter. Termites love to feast on wood.

This means plenty of damage can come to wooden beams, foundation, or even household staples like staircases. They are very attracted to these rustic areas, so keep a frequent eye out.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs love nothing more than living in spaces where plenty of human DNA is present. Their name comes from their most common dwelling spot: the bedroom.

Know the symptoms of bed bug invasion, and stay vigilant. They can also hide within living room or closet spaces as well, so there is no one specific spot in the home that is completely exempt from invasion.



Though they like to keep to themselves and maintain their colony privately, bees can definitely find a way to settle into your home and thrive. It is important to ensure they do not build their nests within your living space.

Once bees enter the home and nest, only professionals should remove them from the home. Be sure to contact Absolute Pest Management for proper removal and quality pest control in New Hampshire.



Give ants enough food, and they will gladly feast and make themselves settled in. They will definitely be willing to scavenge on food and enjoy it.

Carpenter ants are a more dangerous subspecies. They, like termites, love to eat wood, and can ruin the foundation of your home and subsequent wood products.



Much like bees, these insects work hard to survive and serve their colonies. What makes wasps a bit more dangerous is their nature.

Wasps tend to be more predatory and attack those who come into contact with them. So, be sure to know the difference between wasps and bees – being able to deal with them properly relies on knowing the subtle differences.



Know of these pests that can make themselves at home, and rely on Absolute Pest Management for proper pest control in New Hampshire, no matter what the issue at hand is.