Bugs That Can Harm Your Home
Bugs That Can Harm Your Home

It is easy to paint a broad brush and simply write off all pests as annoying and avoidable. While they are a nuisance, no doubt, a good deal of them don’t have a tremendous impact on daily life.

There are some bugs to avoid that definitely cause problems, however. Observe some of them below, and contact Absolute Pest Management for some of the best pest control in New Hampshire.




These critters love to hide in the foundation of your living space. As they chew on wood and feed off of it continuously, holes and cracks occur. At worst, this creates some serious problems for your foundation and disable its structure.

Be sure to keep wood closely observed, and keep appetizing wood products like mulch outside of the home to prevent termites from showing up.



When carried into the living space, these guys tend to feed off of any living creature it can. While they do not attack furniture, or wreck any framework, they cause problems for any inhabitant of the house.

Ticks do not discriminate, and will not hesitate to feed off of any creatures and make them feel miserable. They also transmit diseases, which is a very scary side effect.


Bed Bugs

They are invasive, and persistent. Bed bugs like to burrow deeply in beds and nest, creating more little pests to run around the house. They are also very agile and can make themselves at home in just about any location that has human DNA.

Luckily, they are pests not too difficult to get rid of – a simple heat treatment works in most scenarios.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a bit more dangerous than your average ant. Instead of simply foraging for food, these critters also love to feast on wood. Much like termites, this can cause trouble.

They also have an aptitude for nesting, and are willing to burrow and cause significant wood damage. Thankfully, we offer ant elimination that stands as top quality pest control in New Hampshire.



Bees tend to not be aggressive – until their hive gets disturbed. By nesting in your home and creating some room to grow, they slowly take over and can inflict damage on any creature who dares to be make their presence known.

Not to mention colonies are very large in size, so there are always a significant number of pests to deal with if they build a hive. They hide in many types of spaces, so they can disrupt any area in the home.



They may seem a bit similar to bees, but wasps area much more dangerous creature to contend with. While bees are community minded and keep to themselves, wasps have a nasty temperament.

Wasps are predatory and tend to hunt, so their attitude translates to their interactions. A mild disturbance or other presence alone results in some serious bites or stings. Steer clear.



Not all bugs are dangerous, but plenty of them do pose a threat to your living space if they can thrive. Keep these type of bugs in mind as risky invaders, and call us for quality pest control in New Hampshire at 603-432-2238!