Beetle Extermination: Types That Could Be In Your Home
Beetle Extermination: Types That Could Be In Your Home

Ever wonder what the beetles crawling up the windows and walls of your New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts home could be? Looking to have a beetle extermination service done to your home or business? Absolute Pest Management will cover all your needs! We offer year-round protection against all types of pests for both residential and commercial customers.

Types of Beetles in NH

Beetles in NH and MA come in all shapes and sizes. They usually fall into three problem categories: fabric-infesting, wood-destroying, or food-damaging beetles. Here are common types of pests that may require beetle extermination.

Ladybug extermination

Multi-Colored Asian Ladybug and Spotted Ladybug

This Multi-Colored Asian Ladybug was first discovered in New Hampshire in 1994. There is considerable variability in markings on these beetles, with some ladybugs, have almost no black spots to as many as twenty-two! They are small and typically found in trees but can infest homes as well.

The Spotted Ladybug is native to New Hampshire. It typically does not infest homes as often as Multi-Colored Asian Ladybugs do. To tell the difference between the two, Spotted Ladybugs have a longer body and more oval shape

bug exterminatorWestern Conifer Seed Bug

These beetles are usually confused with Stink Bugs due to their similar shape. They do have the ability to give off a bitter smell. The Western Conifer Seed Bug usually tries to hide in your home during late summer when the temperatures begin to cool down.

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Stink Bug

The most common Stink Bug species around is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. They are native to East Asia and can give off a scent when it feels threatened! This pest usually tries to feed on fruits and vegetables, and like the Western Conifer Seed Bug, typically tries to infest your home when the temperatures cool down in the late summer.

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Carpet Beetle


Carpet Beetles can be highly destructive to your home. They can feed on furniture, carpets, and linens made from all types of materials. These beetles can lay hundreds of eggs at once, creating a bigger problem that can persist for a long time as the larval stage can last almost a year and a half!

Beetle Extermination by Absolute Pest Management

No matter the type of beetle infesting your home or business, Absolute Pest Management can help you every step of the way with your pest problem. For expert advice on beetle extermination and a free inspection, please visit our website for more information or call Toll-Free at (877) 600-2263