Bed Bugs in Massachusetts

Don’t get frustrated, get Absolute Pest Management! They will solve your bed bug problem in Massachusetts with his over 26 years of experience in dealing with unmanageable pests, and the results are amazing. First off, if you think that you have bed bugs because your home is unclean that is simply not the fact. Bed bugs are found in the cleanest of homes in the finest of hotels. Recently, there’s been an absolute epidemic of bed bugs across the United States. Exterminators have seen an unbelievable rise in the amount of calls they get the bed bugs. Recently polled, many technicians said that they received maybe 10 calls a year for bed bugs, now they are receiving close to 100. Bed bugs are nocturnal, feeding only when the human host is asleep. If you find that you have welts or unexplainable bites on your torso and legs, or small blood stains on your sheets, chances are you have bed bugs. They can be found living in the stitching of your mattress, in your pillow, around electrical outlets, behind pictures of paintings on the wall, and even behind loose wallpaper.


What’s the best way to address the situation?

Calling the pros at Absolute Pest Management is your best plan of action. They will send a technician out to evaluate your individual situation, whether it’s your own home, a commercial property, or multifamily dwelling. After the initial assessment they will recommend a treatment procedure which could be in the form of pesticides or even heat treatment. Heat treatment is the most effective means of getting rid of these pests, and there are 92 different species of this pest. A temperature between 125°F and 150°F for between three to five hours is enough to kill all bed bugs without the use of any chemicals. On occasion, pesticides will be used in conjunction with the heat treatment, but not always. So if you’re having problems in Massachusetts with bed bugs call Absolute Pest Management and get a good night’s sleep! They can be reached at 877-600-2263