Boston Bedbugs are the Worst Pests

It’s absolutely unimaginable! To wake up in the middle of the night and find welts on your body and blood stains on your sheets. Knowing that you were the hosts of another living being is beyond comprehension, but in fact, you were just meal for bed bugs! If you wake up in the morning and you’re back or torso and lower legs feel itchy, inspect them for bed bug bites. If you find these welds and blood spots, check close to your bed including in the stitching of your bed mattress and box spring. They can also be found in pillows, behind pictures hanging on your wall, electrical outlets, and even under loose wallpaper. One way of finding these bugs, because they are nocturnal, is to wake up in the early morning hours using a flashlight and searching these areas. If you have these bugs, they will be active during early morning hours. Bed bugs in the Boston area are common, as there are many rental properties and tenants moving in and out. Bedbug problems have become epidemic in the United States in the past 12 years, and nobody knows why. Most pest control companies only dealt with a handful of cases per year. Now, this problem has grown tenfold and become one of the biggest pest problems in the industry.


How do you get rid of them?

This is an absolutely great question, there are multiple techniques eradicating your home of bed bugs. Whether they are spray pesticides, Diatomaceous earth dust, or heat generation, it is best to call the professionals at “Absolute Pest Management”. They’ve been in the business for over 26 years and do an outstanding job in pest control in the New England area. Especially if you live in a multiunit dwelling, that compounds the issue with eradication because if one unit is infested, chances are many of them are. If you are a tenant, call your landlord immediately, as addressing this sooner than later makes treatment and containment much easier. Technicians at Absolute Pest Management will evaluate the situation and present to you a course of action. They are highly trained and very knowledgeable, and within treatment program your home will be free of bed bugs in no time. They can be reached at 877-600-2263