4 Players Attracting Ants to Your Home
4 Players Attracting Ants to Your Home

Spring and Summer are known for being the warmest seasons of the year, no matter where you live. However, it is also when we are more likely to see the presents of ants making their way into our homes. While there are many reasons why ants could be moving into your home, your local ant exterminator at Absolute Pest is here to tell you some of the top reasons why you have unwelcome visitors in your home.


#1 Food Sources

One of the most obvious reasons for ants to enter your home is that they are looking for food. Many ants find themselves attracted to food like jelly, candy, honey, or anything else with high amounts of sugar. It only takes one or two ants to find a source of food in your home. Once they do, they will be able to leave a scent trail which will eventually draw in the rest of the colony to gather and eat, leaving you with a colossal ant infestation.  


#2 Moisture

Not only can ants not live without a steady food source, but they also cannot live without water. When they find a source of food in your home, they will want to stay there to see what else they can find there. Ants will make their way into cabinets under sinks and in shower drains. Again, ants will leave a scent for other ants to find them at, so once they find a good water source or moisture, they will keep coming back for more as they keep replenishing their colony. 


#3 Foliage

If you like to keep plants and flowers inside your home, it may be unknown to you that this attracts ants inside your home as well. While most ants do not necessarily eat your houseplants, they are attracted to the sweet smells of flowers. If they find their way to house plants or flowers that you may have in your home, they could cause damage to your plants and affect them negatively. 


#4 Chemical Odors

Believe it or not, one of the most common places for ants to be found is in the bathroom. Most types of ants will make their way into the bathrooms of your home because of some of the smells that could be emitting from there, particularly your shower drain. They are interested in the chemical odors found in shower drains, such as fermented hair and dead skin cells. Ants consider this as a good food source as well. 


Do you have an ant problem? 

At Absolute Pest, we are fully certified in pest management and have over 25 years of pest control experience. If you have an ant infestation, your best option is to call our team. We send an ant exterminator to your home to help you get rid of the problem! Furthermore, we’ll ensure we keep ants from re-entering your home. 


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