Ants – More than a Common Pest
Ants should never be mistaken for a simple, common pest. While an ant or two may get spotted at times, there are significantly more in their colony. If left untreated, infestations can spread to other locations quickly. While spraying the occasional scavenger may be a quick fix, controlling any ant infestation requires more work than most people realize.

Finding ants may be easy, but determining where the nest location takes time and expertise, regardless if the nest is indoors or out. Though there are a variety of ant baits and sprays to purchase for general household use, they may not be the right application for every infestation. Besides this, people may not take the necessary safety precautions when using these remedies.

Carpenter Ants
The most notable, common, and overlooked pest that has the potential to do horrific damage to your home or business is the carpenter ant. They are known for making nests in your wood panels, floors, and walls, but what most people don’t realize is that they are not using their homes as food. They irreparably damage your investment as they build their nest and tunnel system, but they eat what you eat. They send out a few scouts during the day that leave pheromone trails to the food. While the office stays closed or everyone is sleeping, they file out in numbers to bring back their dinner and expand the colony.

Relying on Absolute Pest Management can assure that the infestation is found and exterminated by using methods that are safe and unique to the species of ant.